Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Making the most of your Bachelor Apartment

Bachelor apartments are generally quite small in square footage compared to a one bedroom apartment. Plus the open floor plan has to function both as a bedroom and living space. At first the lack of square footage might seem like no problem since you’re excited to finally be living on your own, but when you start placing furniture around you realize you’re going to have to compromise on some things. We came up with a few great ideas and suggestions on how to furnish your bachelor apartment and get the functional living space you were hoping for without all the compromises.

Bed Size

What size bed do you currently have, and were you planning on getting a new bed? Since your bachelor apartment is relatively small, there probably is just enough space for a double or queen size bed, so don’t plan on fitting a king size bed plus more furniture it just won’t all fit. Stick to a smaller bed size, as it will take up less space and leave you more square footage to use as living space.

Room Dividers

A great way to divide the space up without putting up wall is investing in some stylish room dividers. These are great; they’ll offer the privacy you’re looking for between your sleeping area and living space. There tones of options available and they’re quite affordable. Not only do they offer privacy but they can double up as a great focal point in the room or offer you storage space.
Versatile Furniture

With more people moving to the city, there are plenty of stores that offer smaller versatile furniture that is sure to fit in your apartment. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that are small enough to fit in your space, but can expand or serve a double purpose when you have company. There are some great coffee tables available, that folds out and up to become a dining table. These are great because they can act as a coffee table; expand to become a work space and even a full functioning dining table, without having to buy three separate pieces of furniture, plus they usually offer convenient storage places.

Guest Space

If you’re expecting to have family or friends visit often, and need a place to stay you’re probably considering getting a sofa bed. Keep in mind these items are actually quite large and bulky, and will take up a great portion of your square footage. Perhaps, you can look into the possibility of purchasing a day bed. This simple piece of furniture can double up as a sofa, and will be a lot more comfortable to sleep on then a futon or sofa bed. Plus they’re slim design and compact structure means they take up less space. With many options to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your style and budget. Keep in mind, some daybed can have space for storage while others may have an option for a second mattress.

So it doesn’t matter how small your bachelor apartment is, what matters is how you place the furniture to maximize space and that you have versatile furniture pieces that serve a double duty. Therefore, don’t be discouraged when you walk into that small bachelor apartment, there is still plenty of space to make the apartment your home. Remember, when looking for an apartment in Toronto visit and start the rental process today.

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