Friday, 30 August 2013

Labour Day Weekend

This long weekend marks the end of summer for many Torontonians, with school in session next week and fall just around the corner we’ve got some great ideas on how to spend your last long weekend.

You probably haven’t had time to do so all summer, between attending BBQs, parties and hanging out with friends summer just flew by. Take some time this weekend, to just sleep in one last time, consider meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant instead of hosting an intimate gathering in your apartment. Head out for a walk around your neighbourhood, with many trails around the city you’ll be submerged into the wilderness without having to sit thru cottage traffic.  

Enjoy the Weather

If it’s a sunny day, make the most of it, we haven’t had many of those this summer so try to spend some time outdoors. Hit the beach, plan a picnic with some friends or family, or head out to CNE or Wonderland. If it’s rainy and cloudy stay in, invite some close friends over for game night or watch old horror movies. Enjoy some great cocktails, appetizers or take out. Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the last weekend of summer so enjoy!

Get Back into Rhythm

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, after having several months off getting back into the rhythm of school can be difficult. After getting to sleep in until noon, having to wake up at the crack of dawn will be dreadful for many of you. Consider waking up earlier this weekend; try to get your body back into the rhythm of early mornings. Don’t forget to plan for lunches, be prepared to wake up early to make lunches, buy some readymade options to help ease the transition for the first week.

Settle In

Many of you are starting college or university, so this weekend means you’re moving into your new place. Start the move early, so you have time to settle in and adjust. Make sure you have all your posters or wall art ready to give your apartment your personal touch. Take a stroll around your new neighbourhood and get to know what’s around the area. Most of all be ready to call your new apartment home for the next few years!

So whether you’re heading out of the city for one last weekend, or you’re moving into your new apartment be sure to make the most of your Labour Day Weekend. If you’re stressing over the move and still haven’t found your new place visit we have limited apartments available for this upcoming fall.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Renting with Roommates

With September just around the corner, that means many first time renters are just about ready to leave the nest and live on their own.  With rental prices so high, many have considered taking on a roommate, and are looking forward to living with friends. However, sharing an apartment with friends isn’t as easy as many think, here are few tips on how to make the transition smooth.


As many first time renters are usually students or recent grads, they’re usually under strict schedules and lots of stress. If this is your case, you probably don’t want to be up all night because your roommate decided to throw a party in your new apartment. Be sure to set up ground rules, best thing is to have a white board calendar setup so you and your roommates can keep each other posted with study times, parties, tv times etc. You can also write when you’re on late night shift or early shifts, so your roommates will know when to keep the noise level down.


In addition to splitting the cost of rent and utilities, roommates also share the responsibility of keeping the apartment clean.  So be sure to discuss all the chores that need to be looked after, from taking out the trash to vacuuming. Be sure to establish what “clean” means so you’re all clear with what has to be done, by when and how. Sometimes it’s best to go room by room to create your chore list, this way you won’t forget anything. Once you have a list of chores divide them up, try to split the chores as evenly as possible, and establish a schedule for when chores must be done. Also, set up a rotating schedule, so either every two weeks or every month you switch chores. Be sure to set up a chart for everyone to follow and keep track of the chores. If you know you or your roommate won’t keep up with the chores list, then come up with a set of consequences to impose when someone fails to do their chores. This will help you from slacking off and will make sure you keep your apartment clean.


Are you having difficulties agreeing or find yourselves always arguing then it’s time to set ground rules. Talk thru whatever the problem is; don’t keep it bottled up as this isn’t helping anyone solve the issue. Try to bring things up as you notice them; don’t wait for weeks to go by before you bring it to your roommates’ attention that you don’t like them borrowing your things.  Most importantly, to avoid conflict set up rules, like no people over on study nights, no borrowing without asking, if you finish the milk then add it to the grocery list, or if you finish the toilet paper then put a new roll etc. etc. These simple rules will help prevent the little things from turning into a big issue.


Make sure your roommate and you agree to notify each other if you’re having company, especially if your guests are going to be spending the night. Be sure to establish that each one of you is responsible for your guest along with the mess they may create and any damages they cause.  This is important as you don’t want to be cleaning after your roommate’s guests.


Remember you’re no longer living at home, so no one will be looking or cleaning up after you. So be responsible, clean up after yourself, tidy your apartment, and manage your time and money wisely. Don’t forget, you just signed a 1-year lease so you’re legally-bound to your new place and your roommate.


If you’re still searching for that perfect new place in Toronto, that is close to work or school be sure to visit for complete list of availabilities, floor plans, pictures and property videos. With 11 buildings around the city, renting couldn’t be easier!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Apartment Hunting Reminders

With August already half over, renters are quickly racing to find the perfect apartment for September. What many people fail to remember is that just as they gave 60 days’ notice to their landlord so did many others. Meaning, you shouldn’t wait for the last few weeks of the month before starting your apartment hunt.

When to start the hunt?

If you’re planning to give notice to your landlord, or have already given notice then you should start the apartment hunt right away. In order to ensure you get the best apartment out there that fits your location, must haves and budgets, you should start searching properties at the beginning of the month prior to giving notice. This will help you narrow down a list of possible properties that interest you. As soon as you give notice to your landlord you should be visiting the perspective properties’ website to check on their upcoming availability.

If there is nothing available at your perspective properties on the first of the month, don’t sweat it. Some companies may take a few days to update their website or advertise their available units. Keep a close eye on websites, and e-mail/call for a showing request as soon as something comes up.

Ideally, you should be applying for your new apartment 10-20 days after giving your notice; this will help ensure you get your pick. In order to be applying by the 10th of the month, you should make yourself available at the beginning of the month to go out and view possible apartments. Make sure you’ve seen enough properties, and do your homework on comparing prices and amenities. Remember to fall in love with the apartment, the size, layout and space, because you will be spending most of your time in the apartment not around the building.

Our Flagship website is a great place to start, as soon as a tenant gives us notice we immediately update our site to reflect the most up to date and accurate information. You can also beat the rush if the beginning of the month falls on a weekend, by simply submitting a showing request on-line directly through our website. This is a great tool for renters and perspective tenants, as they can request a showing as soon as they notice an upcoming availability on our website. We also have property videos which not only showcase the building but also highlight the surrounding neighbourhood. As well, we also have pictures and floor plans that help renters visualize the apartment before visiting. Our website is user friendly, and definitely the first stop you should consider when looking for your next apartment in Toronto!

Visit to start your search today!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Making the most of your Bachelor Apartment

Bachelor apartments are generally quite small in square footage compared to a one bedroom apartment. Plus the open floor plan has to function both as a bedroom and living space. At first the lack of square footage might seem like no problem since you’re excited to finally be living on your own, but when you start placing furniture around you realize you’re going to have to compromise on some things. We came up with a few great ideas and suggestions on how to furnish your bachelor apartment and get the functional living space you were hoping for without all the compromises.

Bed Size

What size bed do you currently have, and were you planning on getting a new bed? Since your bachelor apartment is relatively small, there probably is just enough space for a double or queen size bed, so don’t plan on fitting a king size bed plus more furniture it just won’t all fit. Stick to a smaller bed size, as it will take up less space and leave you more square footage to use as living space.

Room Dividers

A great way to divide the space up without putting up wall is investing in some stylish room dividers. These are great; they’ll offer the privacy you’re looking for between your sleeping area and living space. There tones of options available and they’re quite affordable. Not only do they offer privacy but they can double up as a great focal point in the room or offer you storage space.
Versatile Furniture

With more people moving to the city, there are plenty of stores that offer smaller versatile furniture that is sure to fit in your apartment. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that are small enough to fit in your space, but can expand or serve a double purpose when you have company. There are some great coffee tables available, that folds out and up to become a dining table. These are great because they can act as a coffee table; expand to become a work space and even a full functioning dining table, without having to buy three separate pieces of furniture, plus they usually offer convenient storage places.

Guest Space

If you’re expecting to have family or friends visit often, and need a place to stay you’re probably considering getting a sofa bed. Keep in mind these items are actually quite large and bulky, and will take up a great portion of your square footage. Perhaps, you can look into the possibility of purchasing a day bed. This simple piece of furniture can double up as a sofa, and will be a lot more comfortable to sleep on then a futon or sofa bed. Plus they’re slim design and compact structure means they take up less space. With many options to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your style and budget. Keep in mind, some daybed can have space for storage while others may have an option for a second mattress.

So it doesn’t matter how small your bachelor apartment is, what matters is how you place the furniture to maximize space and that you have versatile furniture pieces that serve a double duty. Therefore, don’t be discouraged when you walk into that small bachelor apartment, there is still plenty of space to make the apartment your home. Remember, when looking for an apartment in Toronto visit and start the rental process today.