Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Flagship's Dedicated Staff

Why does Flagship have such dedicated staff?

In the property management business, dedicated staff such as Resident Superintendents are hard to come by.  Flagship has been very lucky that our staff is not only loyal to their position with the company but that they enjoy their work here.
We are so lucky to have so many amazing Resident Superintendents.  One must be recognized for her long-standing loyalty to the company.  In May 2011, Wendy Eardley will celebrate her 15th year of dedicated service and loyalty to Flagship.  Wendy has become an inspiration to her fellow co-workers.  She is extremely hard working.  She pays great attention to detail.  She is always willing to help where she can.  She acts as a relief superintendent when others in the company take vacation time away from their property.  She has been eager to learn all she can over the years to help her improve and become the amazing person she is.
We look forward to having Wendy as part of the Flagship family for another 15 years.  Her residents agree as well. 
We appreciate all the effort that our entire staff put into their jobs!
See why Flagship is such a great place to work and why our residents love living in a Flagship property.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Flagship Bed Bug Blog

Do you have unwanted companions in your bed?  They live in your mattress or other hidden areas of your apartment and do not seem to hear you telling them that the party is over and it is time to leave.  They are bed bugs and this past year has seen an explosion in their prevalence
worldwide.  Major cities are reporting large increases in these pests and they are not isolated in apartments.  Major luxury hotels are battling the problem, as are homeowners and even movie theatres.

Having bed bugs is not a reflection of your cleanliness or habits; it means that someone or something has brought them into your living space.  Bed bugs are nocturnal and often bite humans at night.  Although the bites are itchy and awful, these insects do not transmit infection and are overall not dangerous.

What can you do to avoid bed bugs and what can you do if you suspect you have them in your apartment?

·  Do not buy used furniture or mattresses unless you are very careful about inspection and the source of the furniture. 
·  Do not take used furniture from the trash when you do not know why the pieces are being disposed.
·  Tell your superintendent immediately if you suspect you have bed bugs in your apartment.
·  Vacuum all areas where bed bugs and their eggs might be.
·  Wash all linens in hot water and dry on high heat for 20 minutes.
·  Remove clutter.
·  Make your bed an island by using mattress and pillow covers, removing bed skirts, and applying sticky tape to legs of the bed or placing each leg in a empty tin can filled with petroleum jelly. .

Bed bugs can be beaten, but it is not an easy task.  Please be diligent, communicate and cooperate, and together we can lessen the impact of bed bugs in your building.

Buggy Facts:

·  90% of their life is spent hiding as they prefer the dark and are not usually active during the day
·  They do not necessarily feed every night
·  They can migrate from room to room
·  Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye
·  Bed bugs do not fly or jump
·  They can often be found in the mattress box spring, mattresses, bed frame, under carpet/rugs and in cracks and crevices

Monday, 7 March 2011

QR Code

Flagship Is In The Forefront Of The Apartment Industry Using QR Codes
Flagship Property Ventures Corp. is now on the forefront of the QR, or "Quick Response", revolution. An instantaneous method of data sharing, QR codes are Flagship's latest tool for spreading the word about our available apartments and promotions in Toronto.

QR Codes - What Are They?
"QR" stands for quick response and a QR code is simply a two-dimensional bar code that quickly and easily allows a smartphone user to access alphanumeric text or a URL. These codes appear as a square box that looks like something out of a sci-phi movie but they're more common than you think.
How Are They Created?
Data can be translated into a QR code using a QR generator, many of which are available for free online by simply searching for "qr code generator". Users simply choose which type of code they'd like to generate - enter the type of data to be translated, enter in the text and the foreground colour and then the generator produces the code, which can then be displayed electronically or in printed format.
How Do They Work?
Decoding the infor­mation can be done with any mobile camera phone that has a QR reader, which is freely available online for most devices. Once the software is loaded, a user points the cell phone camera toward the code and scans it by taking a picture of it. The software interprets the code, and the cell phone will either display the text or ask for permission to launch a browser to display the specified web page.
Watch this YouTube video to see an iPhone scanning a QR code.
Are People Using QR codes in Canada?
If smartphone development gives any indication then the answer is yes! There has been such an explosion of QR code readers available for download that smartphone developers are now pre-installing the readers on their newest phones. The developers know that this technology enhances the users experience and are therefore making very easy for their customers to adopt it.
In industries outside of our own we see QR codes appearing quite frequently in advertising and mainstream media. Many of the top brands in Canada including HBO, XM Satellite Radio, Air Canada, Facebook, Google, Blackberry, GMC, and many more have implemented campaigns using QR Codes. This further suggests that the market is becoming comfortable with seeing these codes and using them.
Feel free to use the Flagship QR code.  It’s available on all of our rental signs located on the front lawns of our properties as well as inside all of our lobbys.
Flagship is dedicated to using technology to better serve our residents….current and future.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Do I need Renters Insurance?


The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons to convince you to purchase
tenant insurance.

For one, as a tenant you are liable –legally responsible – for any harm you cause to any part of your building and to others who live or visit there. For example, if your faulty toaster oven starts a fire that damages not only your apartment, but also other units, you may be responsible for the damages and repairs.

You are also responsible for any damage that your visitors to the building might cause.

Then there are your possessions. You might not think that you have much of real value, but what if you had to replace everything all at once, due to fire or water damage? Replacing your clothing could cost you a few thousand dollars. Even your old couch and bed might not look like much, but buying new ones would
definitely cause an unexpected financial hardship.

When you consider what it would cost to replace everything, monthly insurance premiums look reasonable by comparison.

We find that most of our banking institutions offer tenants/renters insurance at competitive and affordable rates.