Monday, 7 March 2011

QR Code

Flagship Is In The Forefront Of The Apartment Industry Using QR Codes
Flagship Property Ventures Corp. is now on the forefront of the QR, or "Quick Response", revolution. An instantaneous method of data sharing, QR codes are Flagship's latest tool for spreading the word about our available apartments and promotions in Toronto.

QR Codes - What Are They?
"QR" stands for quick response and a QR code is simply a two-dimensional bar code that quickly and easily allows a smartphone user to access alphanumeric text or a URL. These codes appear as a square box that looks like something out of a sci-phi movie but they're more common than you think.
How Are They Created?
Data can be translated into a QR code using a QR generator, many of which are available for free online by simply searching for "qr code generator". Users simply choose which type of code they'd like to generate - enter the type of data to be translated, enter in the text and the foreground colour and then the generator produces the code, which can then be displayed electronically or in printed format.
How Do They Work?
Decoding the infor­mation can be done with any mobile camera phone that has a QR reader, which is freely available online for most devices. Once the software is loaded, a user points the cell phone camera toward the code and scans it by taking a picture of it. The software interprets the code, and the cell phone will either display the text or ask for permission to launch a browser to display the specified web page.
Watch this YouTube video to see an iPhone scanning a QR code.
Are People Using QR codes in Canada?
If smartphone development gives any indication then the answer is yes! There has been such an explosion of QR code readers available for download that smartphone developers are now pre-installing the readers on their newest phones. The developers know that this technology enhances the users experience and are therefore making very easy for their customers to adopt it.
In industries outside of our own we see QR codes appearing quite frequently in advertising and mainstream media. Many of the top brands in Canada including HBO, XM Satellite Radio, Air Canada, Facebook, Google, Blackberry, GMC, and many more have implemented campaigns using QR Codes. This further suggests that the market is becoming comfortable with seeing these codes and using them.
Feel free to use the Flagship QR code.  It’s available on all of our rental signs located on the front lawns of our properties as well as inside all of our lobbys.
Flagship is dedicated to using technology to better serve our residents….current and future.

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