Thursday, 21 November 2013

Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us, the weather outside is frightful and the holiday d├ęcor is delightful. We hope everyone is excited for the upcoming festive season.

We would like to take a moment to remind everyone, that unfortunately during the holiday season and the cold winter months, there is an increase in apartment fires.

Every winter season, the leading cause of apartment fires is faulty wiring of Christmas lights that can easily spark a fire on any tree or curtain.
Remember to always turn off your tree when no one is home, and never leave your tree on overnight. As well, never leave any candles burning unattended and always place lit candles in candle holders.

If you use an electric heater or electric fireplace in your apartment, be sure to never leaving it running for long periods of time. Always ensure items are at a safe distance from the heater, and be sure to inspect the wiring before use.

Please make sure that all string lights and electric heaters are in good condition and have no frayed wiring.

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors are a great way to spruce up a place, plus they work wonders in creating the illusion of more space. The way the light shines off a mirror, adds such an elegant flare to any room. Here are six unique ways to use mirrors to accentuate your apartment's best features, doesn't matter if you live in a bachelor or three bedroom unit these tips are great for every apartment size.

1. As a Gallery-Style Wall 
Use mirrors instead of art, hang in a gallery-style setting for added interest.
Mirrors as a Gallery-Style WallMirrors as a Gallery-Style Wall

2. Above a Mantel or Bed

Hang an oversized mirror above your fireplace or head board to add drama and light to a room.
Use a Mirror Above a FireplaceUse a Mirror Above a Fireplace

3. Between Windows
Strategically placed between two windows a mirror creates the illusion of a third window.
Mirror Between WindowsMirror Between Windows

4. On Furniture

Attach mirrors to furniture such as wardrobes and dressers for instant glamour.
Mirrored FurnitureMirrored Furniture

5. Behind Art

Hang art in front of large mirrors for an unexpected twist.
Hang Art in Front of a MirrorHang Art in Front of a Mirror

6. Inset a Fireplace
Have a non-functioning fireplace? Attach mirrors inset to the fireplace to bounce light and color around the room.
Inset a FireplaceInset a Fireplace

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Domino Magazine and Yahoo had these great suggestions on how to use mirrors in any space to create the illusion of more space.