Friday, 11 October 2013

Celebrating Thanksgiving

With the long weekend ahead of us, and the smell of freshly baked apple pie lingering in the air, everyone is anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving.  Here are some great simple tips, recipes and ideas to help you get ready for this festive holiday.  Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment or attending a dinner party these easy ideas are sure to make you shine.

Simple DIY Décor

Why go out and spend money on expensive decorative fall pieces when you can add a touch of fall to your apartment without putting a dent in your wallet. Visit your local craft or dollar store, they usually carry an assortment of items you can mix together to decorate your space. One easy suggestion is buy a wood wreathe, purchase a leaf garland from the dollar store and create your own wreathe to hang on your door or to use as a center piece. Remember you can add ribbon to any piece for a bolder and more sophisticated look.

Table Settings

Use a dark brown or rich earth tone table cloth to set the fall mood in your apartment, mix different textures and hues for a rich table setting. Gather some fresh fallen leaves and place a few on the table to add different hues to the table setting.  Another great tip is to buy a few small pumpkins and squashes from your supermarket to place along the table. Don’t forget you can make use of those wooden wreathes as a centerpiece and place a charger underneath and a glass vase in the center with a candle.

Potluck Side Dishes

Have you been ask to bring a side dish to Thanksgiving dinner and can’t think of something easy, simple and delicious to prepare. Well here are a couple of suggestions that will take no time to make and are a definite crowd pleaser.

Buttermilk Biscuits

These are so simple to prepare, no need to wait hours for the yeast to rise, since the buttermilk and baking powder work perfectly to create fluffy and soft biscuits. Use a traditional recipe that you can find online or in any cook book, the great thing about biscuits is you can make the recipe unique by adding your own secret ingredients.  Feel free to add some finely grated cheddar or parmesan cheese to the dough, as well as fresh or dried herbs like chives and parsley.
Baked Mac’n’Cheese

Many people don’t realize this but homemade mac’n’cheese is actually quite simple to prepare. Melt some about a ¼ cup of butter, add 2 table spoons of flour to the melted butter, add a few table spoons of cream cheese, and create a smooth mixture. Add some milk to the mixture or cream for a richer flavor, slowly add shredded cheddar cheese, and leave the sauce a bit runny as you are going to bake the dish. Pour over your cooked pasta, place in a baking dish, add some shredded cheese on top and bake until it’s melted.

Sweet Potato Mash

A twist to traditional mashed potatoes, sweet potato mash is rich in colour and flavor. You can choose to make your mash sweet by adding cinnamon and brown sugar or go for the traditional version.  Sautéed shallots and garlic add a delicious flavour to this simple dish. You can also place the mash in a baking dish, top with some shredded cheese and bake until melted.

Awesome Desserts

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Simply add a couple of table spoons of pumpkin puree to your favourite cheesecake recipe. Pour over a chocolate crust; infuse the crust with some chopped nuts, skor bits and liqueur for a bigger punch. Decorate your cheesecake with some chocolate drizzle and chopped nuts, serve with fresh whip cream.

Pumpkin Tiramisu

Just like the pumpkin cheesecake idea, add a few table spoons of pumpkin puree to your favourite tiramisu recipe. Add as much puree until you reach the desired flavouring, blend with additional cinnamon and nutmeg.
Nutella Brioche

Bread pudding is a definite fall comfort food, adding nutella and banana to any recipe is a great twist. Spread nutella on bread slice before cutting into cubes, and mash a banana to blend into your mixture. Don’t forget you can also add some rum or nut flavored liqueur for an additional splash of flavour.

Hope these ideas help inspire you to decorate your apartment, or create delicious fall dishes for this festive holiday. Remember to keep a close eye on the oven when baking, and don’t leave any unattended candles burning. Don’t forget when you’re finished eating and you're to full to get off the couch you can always visit our website to start your apartment search before the winter!


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, from all of the Flagship Properties Staff.