Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Flagship...Residents...And The Environment

The  Intergovernmental  Panel  on  Climate  Change (IPCC) concludes “most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-twentieth century is likely due to the observed increase in greenhouse gas concentrations.  We at Flagship are dedicated to doing our part to reduce global warming and protect our environment through various measures ranging from recycling programs to energy efficiency savings. One of Flagship’s specific measures is our light bulb replacement program. To date we have replaced every in suite light bulb with highly efficient bulbs sourced to reduce energy usage. In the coming months Flagship will also have replaced all of our common area light fixtures with more energy efficient designs and models.

To date some Flagship properties have energy efficient Viessman boilers.  These boilers reduce natural gas consumption and dramatically cut gases released into the environment.   In the coming few years we plan on installing these boilers in most of our properties.

What can you do to help combat global warming?  You may think you have no control but there are many things an apartment resident can do to help:

 -   Did  you  know  that  even  when  not  in  use, but plugged in, your computer and television use electricity? Buy a power bar and turn off the bar when the electronics are not in use. 

 -  Get in the habit of washing your clothes in cold water.  Most of the energy used to run a washing machine is used to heat the water, so using cold will dramatically reduce the energy consumption needed for washing. And, try not to over-dry your clothes.  Not only does this ruin your clothes, but uses excessive power.

 -  Report any leaking taps to your building manager, they should come and fix them to conserve water.

 -  Defrost your frozen meats in the refrigerator. The cold given off during defrosting will help keep your appliance cold and therefore less energy is used in the operation of the refrigerator.

Do what you can to reduce your energy needs; every apartment resident and owner can make a difference.

Thank you!


Monday, 11 April 2011

Getting Ready For Your Big Move!

How can you possibly prepare for the move to your new apartment?  A few simple tips will make your life easier and make the move as stress free as possible.

 -  Choose a mover if you don’t plan on doing it yourself.  Consider moving at a non- peak time to reduce the expenses of a mover or truck rental. The first of the month is always the hardest time to find reasonably priced moving help.

 -  Use the proper materials. Use sturdy boxes and don’t skimp on packing materials. Bubble wrap, newspaper, styrofoam peanuts and linens that are going to move with you anyway make great protective covers for your breakable or sensitive items.

 -  Label your boxes. It will save you time on the other end and if you are using a professional mover, label each box with the room they should deposit it in. Also write on the box what it contains. It will help a lot when you are looking for that one item on moving day. Make sure to mark things that are fragile.

 -  Pack one room at a time. You will make quicker progress and will be more organized.

 -  Don’t assume you should leave things in furniture with drawers. Drawers can open during a move and precious things can get broken.

 -  Put heavy items in small boxes. Have you ever tried lifting a huge box of books!!

Now that you are all packed what should you consider

 -  Pack you car or truck with the least needed items first. Most important items should go in last so that they get unpacked first.

 -  Plan for what you need as soon as you arrive at your apartment. A box of toiletries,kids toys to keep they busy, a basic dinner, and maybe a change of clothes.

 -  Make sure you have booked an elevator if necessary in your new home and that you have arranged to pick-up your keys and deliver any outstanding rent owing before you move in.

 -  Ensure you have completed a change of address form with the post office, arranged for any utilities or other hook-ups and disconnected services in your old home.

 -  Ask your new landlord if they have any service providers for cable and phone that will offer discounts to the residents of their building.

Overall, plan enough time to pack and move and try to think  ahead  regarding  things  you  might  need. Chaos might prevail initially, but it will not last as you happily settle into your new home.