Friday, 30 August 2013

Labour Day Weekend

This long weekend marks the end of summer for many Torontonians, with school in session next week and fall just around the corner we’ve got some great ideas on how to spend your last long weekend.

You probably haven’t had time to do so all summer, between attending BBQs, parties and hanging out with friends summer just flew by. Take some time this weekend, to just sleep in one last time, consider meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant instead of hosting an intimate gathering in your apartment. Head out for a walk around your neighbourhood, with many trails around the city you’ll be submerged into the wilderness without having to sit thru cottage traffic.  

Enjoy the Weather

If it’s a sunny day, make the most of it, we haven’t had many of those this summer so try to spend some time outdoors. Hit the beach, plan a picnic with some friends or family, or head out to CNE or Wonderland. If it’s rainy and cloudy stay in, invite some close friends over for game night or watch old horror movies. Enjoy some great cocktails, appetizers or take out. Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the last weekend of summer so enjoy!

Get Back into Rhythm

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, after having several months off getting back into the rhythm of school can be difficult. After getting to sleep in until noon, having to wake up at the crack of dawn will be dreadful for many of you. Consider waking up earlier this weekend; try to get your body back into the rhythm of early mornings. Don’t forget to plan for lunches, be prepared to wake up early to make lunches, buy some readymade options to help ease the transition for the first week.

Settle In

Many of you are starting college or university, so this weekend means you’re moving into your new place. Start the move early, so you have time to settle in and adjust. Make sure you have all your posters or wall art ready to give your apartment your personal touch. Take a stroll around your new neighbourhood and get to know what’s around the area. Most of all be ready to call your new apartment home for the next few years!

So whether you’re heading out of the city for one last weekend, or you’re moving into your new apartment be sure to make the most of your Labour Day Weekend. If you’re stressing over the move and still haven’t found your new place visit we have limited apartments available for this upcoming fall.

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