Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Apartment Hunting Reminders

With August already half over, renters are quickly racing to find the perfect apartment for September. What many people fail to remember is that just as they gave 60 days’ notice to their landlord so did many others. Meaning, you shouldn’t wait for the last few weeks of the month before starting your apartment hunt.

When to start the hunt?

If you’re planning to give notice to your landlord, or have already given notice then you should start the apartment hunt right away. In order to ensure you get the best apartment out there that fits your location, must haves and budgets, you should start searching properties at the beginning of the month prior to giving notice. This will help you narrow down a list of possible properties that interest you. As soon as you give notice to your landlord you should be visiting the perspective properties’ website to check on their upcoming availability.

If there is nothing available at your perspective properties on the first of the month, don’t sweat it. Some companies may take a few days to update their website or advertise their available units. Keep a close eye on websites, and e-mail/call for a showing request as soon as something comes up.

Ideally, you should be applying for your new apartment 10-20 days after giving your notice; this will help ensure you get your pick. In order to be applying by the 10th of the month, you should make yourself available at the beginning of the month to go out and view possible apartments. Make sure you’ve seen enough properties, and do your homework on comparing prices and amenities. Remember to fall in love with the apartment, the size, layout and space, because you will be spending most of your time in the apartment not around the building.

Our Flagship website is a great place to start, as soon as a tenant gives us notice we immediately update our site to reflect the most up to date and accurate information. You can also beat the rush if the beginning of the month falls on a weekend, by simply submitting a showing request on-line directly through our website. This is a great tool for renters and perspective tenants, as they can request a showing as soon as they notice an upcoming availability on our website. We also have property videos which not only showcase the building but also highlight the surrounding neighbourhood. As well, we also have pictures and floor plans that help renters visualize the apartment before visiting. Our website is user friendly, and definitely the first stop you should consider when looking for your next apartment in Toronto!

Visit to start your search today!

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