Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Before You Rent

Whether you’re moving away from home for the first time or just changing neighbourhoods; be sure to do your research before you rent your next apartment.

Apartment hunting can be exhausting, from countless hours spent surfing the internet, browsing through online listings, calling your top choices and booking appointments.  So before you begin your search here are a few things you should keep in mind.
Marlee Place, north of Eglinton


1.     Location, Location, Location!!

Sure the apartment is fabulous, with all the glitz and glam but is it in the right location for you or way out of your preferred neighbourhood? Consider your commute times, will you be driving or taking public transit?  Will this make your commute longer, or shorter? If you’ll be taking public transit, how far is the nearest stop? Since most apartments only have a small balcony, is there green space nearby like parks or trails that are within a short walking distance from the building? Living on a busy street in the heart of downtown is great, two minute walk to work but where is the park?? Having a park nearby is ideal, great for that early morning stroll or that afternoon yoga and relaxation session. So before you rent that apartment, make sure the location meets all of your criteria. Close to work, easy access to public transit, nearby parks, recreation facilities, and schools. 

High Park, early spring

2.     Budget

What are you willing to spend on your rental; do you have a budget set aside for parking and hydro? Now days, most rentals are plus hydro so as a renter you have to be cautious about how much electricity you consume to stay within budget. Try to set a realistic budget for your hydro expenses, consider the amount of time you have electronics running and size of your apartment. So if you rented a bachelor before and hydro cost you on average $30 extra don’t expect to pay the same in a two bedroom unit especially if you now have a roommate.  Setting a budget is important, it will help you determine the maximum you can afford to pay on rent, remember to factor in other expenses in your budget like food, shopping, cable, entertainment, etc.
Streetcar and Traffic along St.Clair Ave

3.     Space

Whether your downsizing or upsizing it’s important to consider the size of unit and layout before you rent. Will your furniture fit in the new apartment; do you need to buy smaller and more versatile pieces that have a double function? If you’re moving with a pet, is there sufficient space for your pet and you in the apartment? Now if you need to go out and buy new furniture, did you factor this into your budget already it might make sense to pay a little extra each month and rent the slightly larger apartment.

Ruby Height, 3 bedroom floor plan

So before you begin the stressful apartment search visit our website we have everything you need to know about your new place. With community profiles done for each neighbourhood the location research is practically done for you. We also have property videos that highlight the building and location. As well, we have floor plans for each building that will help you determine which unit is right for you and make planning furniture placement easy. At Flagship we understand the stress and time associated with renting, that’s why we are committed to making the rental process smooth and your tenancy with us long and enjoyable. Visit our website and rent from us today!

Updated apartments, freshly painted with charming victorian features


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