Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's the best floor to live on?

Finding the perfect apartment has its challenges, there is always so much to consider – location, parking, proximity to the TTC, square footage. However, there is one secondary factor that might get over looked during your apartment hunt that could potentially affect your daily lifestyle – like which floor your apartment is on. So, which is the best floor to live on in an apartment building? Well, each option, top, middle and bottom, has its perks.

Top Floor

Living on the top floor means you rarely have to deal with noise from the units above, and the added height is a great source of natural sunlight.  The views from the top floor are generally worth wild, weather your building is located in the city or just on the outskirts the view from the top is always better. There are also some cons to consider, like the abundant sunlight generally keeps the apartment warmer, and this is great in the winter, especially since heat rises, but during the summer your AC unit will need to work overtime. If you pay your own hydro, your bills might see a huge hike during the summer months.
Top Floor Street Views


Bottom Floor

A bottom floor apartment also has some enticing perks. It is ideal for bringing in heavy loads, like groceries, especially if your building doesn’t have an elevator. In the summer months, since the cool air naturally stays in the lower location your AC unit won’t be always running and your hydro bills will be less expensive. You might find yourself facing the opposite issue in the winter, when you can’t heat up your apartment.

Another downside to the first floor is the street noise might be a problem with first floor units; at least you won’t have to worry about bothering your neighbours when rearranging furniture or working out in your unit. Also, being on the first floor mean you’re more susceptible to having ants and other insects.

Bottom Floor, easy access to beautiful lawns


Middle Floor

After considering the pros and cons of living on the top and bottom floors, looks like the best option is living on the middle floors.  Living on the middle floors means you won’t have to face the extreme heating and cooling issues that would hike up your hydro bills, or worry about climbing four or more flights of stairs. As a result, the middle floor seems to be just right. Don’t expect a huge break on your hydro bills because you live on the middle floor, but a steady power consumption rate during the season. This is great for those who set their hydro budgets before renting a new place.

Charming Four-Story building with no elevator

So as always there are pros and cons to each floor, but most importantly be sure to take each into account as you make your next big move. Visit www.flagshipcorp.ca and start your apartment search today, with many buildings to choose from you are sure to find something that fits your lifestyle, budget and located within your desirable neighbourhood.
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