Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer Heat

Many Canadians are wondering how they are going to survive the summer heat without melting. Here are a few tips to stay cool and calm during the summer months.

Keep it Shady

Blackout Curtains

Invest in some energy efficient blackout curtains to keep the sun out of your apartment during the sun’s peak hours. Keeping your apartment dark and closed up during the day when you’re at work will keep cool air in and warm air out. By the time you get home, the sun won’t be directly shining into your place and you can open up the windows for some fresh summer air.

Proper Fan Placement

Trying to stay cool
Fans are trickier than they actually seem and you want to ensure proper placement so that the air can circulate. Also, remember hot air rises so you might want to have a fan pointing up. If you have a window open, don’t place your fan in front of it hoping it will help fan-out the fresh summer breeze, this is a common mistake. Also, don’t just open one window. Open a few so the air has a way in and out to help with the circulation.

Grow Some Greenery

Window planter
Never underestimate the power of plants! Adding a couple plants to your apartment will help purify your indoor air and increase the amount of oxygen in your home. It will also create a more natural atmosphere in your apartment. You can make household plants do a double duty by growing herbs in a small pot and placing them on your window ledge.

Conserve Energy

Lights and TV Off
Keep the energy consumption in your apartment to a minimum. Don’t leave all the lights on or the TV always running, especially when you’re not home. Turn lights off.  Keeping your apartment dark will help reduce the heat, as 90% of the energy given off is heat and only 10% is light.  Avoid using the oven as much as possible, as baking something will heat up your apartment, opt for cold fresh foods that will help your body cool down or eat take out.

Keep Hydrated

Summer Drinks
In order to stay cool it’s important to keep hydrated, keep a couple of water bottles in the freezer. It's best to drink on a schedule when it is hot outside, this will help prevent dehydration and help you stay cool. Try to avoid drinks containing caffeine or alcohol while in the sun or heat. Another way to ensure you’re getting enough liquids is by eating fruits with high water content like watermelon, you can try eating some frozen berries as well instead of ice cream. Having a cold treat like ice cream or frozen fruit will help your body cool down.

The Toronto summer heat can get pretty steamy, but remember it’s easy for you to keep your apartment cool! Visit when searching for the perfect Toronto apartment.

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