Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Balcony Season

With warmer weather around the corner, the start of the Balcony Season is near.

Here are some Do’s and Dont's to remember this season.


·       Be respectful of neighbours. When using your balcony be respectful and try not to create noise that might disturb your neighbours. If your neighbour asks you to lower down the noise, do so politely.

·        Be a responsible smoker. If you use your balcony to smoke, check with your neighbour and make sure they are not bothered by second-hand smoke before smoking while they’re outside. Also, NEVER throw cigarette butts off the balcony and always use an ashtray.

·       If you have young children, make sure the balcony door locks and that you have no items on the balcony that kids can use to climb which will reduce the potential for a dangerous fall.



·       Don’t store items on your balcony or use your balcony to hold garbage. This will attract unwanted guests, and as the weather gets warmer garbage on the balcony will cause an unbearable stench and both you and your neighbours will be unable to use their balcony.

·        Don't throw anything off balcony. Throwing any items off the balcony can be extremely dangerous. You could accidently hit someone or something causing unwanted damage and harm. This will also cause a huge mess around the building.

·       Don’t leave children or pets alone. Always supervise children while on the balcony and never leave them unattended. A split second is all a child needs to climb up on that chair to try and look over the railing. Leaving pets unattended can be dangerous as well. Always watch them and NEVER let your pet use the balcony as a washroom. Not only is this unsanitary but the smell will be awful and neighbours won’t be able to use their balcony.

·        Don't put carpets on the balcony. Having a carpet on the balcony seems like something stylish but the carpet will get wet. Wet carpets WILL damage the concrete.

·         Having a BBQ on your balcony is illegal in the City of Toronto!


 This season be responsible, respectful and considerate of others when using your balcony and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

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