Wednesday 3 April 2013

7 Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Spring is your chance to turn a grimy apartment into a spotless oasis. But it isn’t easy, especially if you do things that actually make your apartment dirtier in the process. Here are some great tips to help take the headache out of Spring Cleaning and avoid those common mistakes.


Mistake #1: Not Getting Organized


Make a plan; write down what areas of your apartment you’re going to tackle. Start with the more complicated areas first, like your kitchen and bathroom. Put all your cleaning supplies in a bucket and take with you from room to room, so you don’t waste time running back and forth for supplies.



Mistake #2: Going at it Alone


Do you share your apartment with a roommate, or family? If so set a date when you can tackle the spring cleaning together. Don’t take on the whole apartment by yourself if you live with someone else, share the cleaning. If you have different schedules that don’t allow you to clean together, then divide the apartment up evenly, one of you gets the kitchen and someone else gets the bathroom etc. Make sure to set a date when the cleaning should be done by.


Mistake #3: Not Having the Right Equipment

Cleaning your apartment can be quick, but people usually take longer because they don’t have the tools. Apartments are smaller than a house, and generally more difficult to store a stock of cleaning supplies but keep a few items on hand. Air fresheners, multi-purpose cleaning liquid, and microfiber cloths are few items to stock up on.  Make sure you use a microfiber cloth when dusting you apartment, microfiber grabs and removes dust oppose to other cloths that just push dust around. Use a vacuum with attachments to clean floors, and upholstery and tight spaces. And if you really want to go the extra mile, buy a small Steam Mop to use on floors, this will help your floors stay cleaner longer and it doesn’t require any chemicals.


Mistake #4: Working Too Hard


If you’re working all day to clean your apartment, you might get tired before you finish the whole place. There are some easy tips that will help speed up the cleaning process or make that stubborn grime easier to remove. First, dust surfaces with a microfiber cloth so you don't have to use cleaning solution. When cleaning tubs and sinks, apply the cleaning solution and let it soak for 10 minutes before wiping the surface. Remove baked-on food in your microwave by filling a glass with water and heating the liquid on high for one minute; the steam will loosen stains, making it easier to clean. To ease toilet-bowl scrubbing, drop two Polident denture-cleaning tablets in the bowl and let fizz for 10 minutes.


Mistake #5: Overlooking Grimy Spots


Light Fixtures: Use a damp cloth to wipe away dust build up on your light fixtures. It might be easier to do this when the lights are off. Don’t only dust off the outside dust from your fixtures, also remove shades and dust inside. You’ll be surprised how much dust builds up inside your ceiling fixtures!


Window Blind: Shut your window blinds and dust clean with your microfiber cloth. Then shut the blinds in the opposite direction for a quick, complete wipe down.  Remove any spots with a wet cloth and a multipurpose liquid cleaner.


Trash Cans: Remove the bag and sprinkle baking powder in the bottom of the can before adding about two inches of water. Allow the mixture to sit and then swish it with clean water. Wipe down the sides and rinse. Dry it with paper towel or let air dry.


Smoke Detectors: Dust off your smoke detectors and make sure there is no build up on the outside surface. Don’t forget to make sure your smoke detectors have working batteries. Keep batteries in stock so you never have a non-functioning smoke detector.


Mistake #6: Continuing to Use the Same Dirty Cloth


If you’re wondering why you have streaks on surfaces, then blame a soiled cloth. Keep a stack of clean cloths nearby and switch them out frequently. But you don't need piles of microfiber cloths, as you can clean them. Just rinse in clean water and wring out. If you're dusting, use a dry microfiber; then hold it inside a garbage bag and shake it to remove the dust. If you’re using a wet cloth to clean an area, rinse it often and re spray your liquid cleaner on the cloth.



Mistake #7: Waiting Until Spring


Try putting a cloth or shower cleaner in the shower and give the walls a quick wipe down to minimize build-up after each use. Line bathroom and bedroom trashcans with plastic shopping bags avoid residue. Ask roommates or family members to spend five to 10 minutes each night putting away clothes, shoes, mail and other items that clutter the space. By keeping clutter to a minimum, you'll spend less time preparing to clean. Finally, don't make cleaning a weekly or bi-weekly chore. Spread tasks throughout the week, tackling one room at a time.

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