Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pets and Apartment Living

Thinking about bringing your furry friend with you to your new apartment? Or considering buying a pet to keep you company in your new place?

Well there are many things to consider. Sure living on your own can get boring or lonely sometimes, and it would be nice to have something waiting for you when you get home.

Before you make the commitment to your furry friend consider the following.

Your Lifestyle and Schedule

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Do you work or go to school during the day? Who would be at home with the pet?  If you’re considering getting a dog, and you're not home for 12-hours in a day maybe a dog isn't the best choice.  A dog is a huge responsibility, you have to be around to care for them, feed them and take them for multiple daily walks.  Also, dogs require routine visits to the vet clinic, and you would need to be available to go with your pet to the clinic.

You may not be gone for 12 hours in a day, you may work from home. So you would be home all day with your pet, but keep in mind, your pet might need your attention.  So you would have to be willing to devote sometime of your day to your pet and it might keep you from getting your work done. You have to schedule walks around your work needs or hire a dog walker.

So if you don’t have the time to dedicate to a dog, maybe think about a different pet, a less high maintenance animal. Perhaps a more independent animal would be nice, like a bird, cat or fish?

Size of Apartment

Are you renting a 1 bedroom apartment with two people? Or maybe you live alone in a bachelor unit? Consider the size of your apartment before purchasing a new pet. If your apartment is hardly enough space for you, imagine how your pet would feel. Especially, if your bringing your dog from home. The transition for your pet can be more difficult on them then you, moving from a large home to a small city apartment.


Size of Pet or Number of Pets

So you've considered all the options and you've decided you really want to share your apartment with a pet. Now if you live in a small apartment with limited space the size of pet is really important. You don’t want a large animal that requires more space than you can offer. For apartment lifestyles, a smaller breed animal is a great option. There are some great small breed dogs that would be perfect for your apartment. Also, cats are great independent pets, and your local shelter is sure to have adoption programs available. The other option is a bird or fish tank. With a bird they stay in their cage, so cleaning up after them is easy and their independent. Same with a fish tank and best part you can have more than one fish in a tank.


Owning a pet is great, but make sure you're ready for the lifestyle change.
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