Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lean Spring Tips

Spring has officially arrived, and with that bathing suit season is almost here. So here are some quick tips to help get your New Year’s Resolution back on track.


1.     Lose the Junk – Empty out your cupboards and get rid of all your chips, popcorn, candy, and other high sugar and fatty foods. This can be hard if you’re used to watching TV with munchies, try a healthier option, like fruits, vegetables and dip, or air-popped popcorn. Snacks like veggies and hummus, fruit or berries and low fat yogurt, trail mixes, smoothies, granola and whole grain crackers with low fat cheese are healthy snack options.

2.     Regulate Meals and Downsize portion – Skipping breakfast or dinner isn’t going to speed up your weight loss, eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks in between meals. Stock up your fridge with healthy options, steamed or grilled vegetables make excellent side dishes for meals. Remember to eat smaller meat portions, a dinner plate should be ¾ vegetables/greens.

3.      Pack a Lunch – Make a little extra the night before for dinner and take left overs for lunch the next day. Avoid eating out at fast food restaurants, and if you can’t then go for a healthier alternative, opt for the salad instead of the burger, and get dressing on the side. Sometimes dressings are just as bad as eating that cheeseburger.

4.     Stay Hydrated - Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, avoid sugary juices and soft drinks. If you’re used to drinking coke with every meal try diet coke instead, same great taste without the calories. Limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day, coffee can actually affect how you lose weight, try Green tea instead it’s a powerful antioxidant which can help boost the immune system and fight off toxins.

5.     Exercise - Living in an apartment means you might not have the space to do yoga or a room with your gym equipment. Sign up at a gym, and stop by on your way home from work, city living means there are many options around your area. If a gym isn’t for you, sign up to yoga class, Zumba or Aqua fitness, these can be fun, and you may even forget you’re working out. Nights that you don't have time to work out, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Remember, to take 5 minutes out of your morning and stretch in your apartment before you go to work, these early morning stretches will boost your energy levels. Find a work out that you like and stick to it, .

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