Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Why Rent from Flagship Properties?


Choosing Between Apartments?

When trying to decide which apartment will be best for you, it's important to consider the amount of support each landlord is willing to provide for his or her tenants. In order to determine this, you should find out the way potential apartments handle maintenance and other tenant related issues.


What sets our Properties apart?

At Flagship, our name says it all; we are committed to quality and high standards. We provide our tenants with professional and caring staff that quickly resolve any tenant issues.

Have you ever had to wait two days to have your maintenance request attended to??

Our staff is committed to providing 24 hours resolution to all maintenance needs. Our tenants find ease in the ability to send a request via e-mail or thru our website from anywhere and have our personnel attend to the issue quickly.

Many larger companies have a form of hierarchy that a maintenance request needs to flow thru before being looked after. At Flagship, your requests are immediately submitted to the property manager, who then notifies our maintenance personnel of any issues. Should the maintenance request be to resolve a larger problem, our Property Manager quickly contacts our contractors to attend to the issue in a timely professional manner.

Another point that sets us apart is we routinely do Semi-Annual inspections for all of our apartment buildings. We inspect each unit, to ensure they are in good state for occupancy, we check for leaks, drywall repairs, and functioning smoke detectors etc.  We feel this is an important aspect of our company, as it helps us foresee and prevent minor maintenance issues.

So if you apartment hunting, and trying to find a perfect place to call home consider one of our Flagship Properties.  Our teams commitment and dedication to our tenants and buildings will have you wondering how you ever rented somewhere else!

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