Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Battling the Cold

With winter in full swing many people are resorting to alternative heating methods, such as portable heaters, mattress heating pads and some other unsafe methods.

In a recent news segment on City News, they noted how there have been an increase in fires over the last few weeks that can be related to the use of such devices or unsafe heating methods.

It is interesting how many people try to heat there space with unsafe methods, like leaving a wood burning fire place on and unattended, using a stove or oven as a heat source, or forgetting to turn off a portable heater after several hours of use. These scenarios may seem harmless, but it only takes one spark to ignite a flame.

In fact, recently on the web there was an article about a London couple, who forgot to unplug there mattress heating pad and their mattress caught on fire. It is easy to forget that these devices shouldnt be used for long periods of time and can lead to dangerous situations if misused. Did you know that portable heaters are the leading cause of household fires?

Therefore, as a caution consumer, if you are going to be using these heating devices, use them for short periods throughout the day. Never leave them unattended and always remember to turn off and unplug the device once you finish. 

Another option to battling the cold, wear winter clothing when youre home, not too many layers as you are indoors.  Always keep windows and balcony doors closed, as with the temperatures below freezing you apartment can get cold really fast. Also be considerate, if you leave your windows and balcony doors open all day or for long time periods, your neighbors will start to feel the cold air.

 So to sum up how to battle the cold

  1. Dress for Winter
  2. Avoid using unsafe heating methods
  3. Avoid using heating devices for extended periods of time
  4. Dont leave windows and balcony doors open

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